Saturday, April 28, 2012

Infinite Jest Reading Group.

Hey there, Toronto Wallace fans. 

Do you have a copy of Infinite Jest but can't bring yourself to crack it? Started, but couldn't finish? Finished, and looking for an excuse to go again?

Here's your chance to read Wallace's magnum opus with a group of like-ish minds. It's a big work, unwieldy, but infinitely rewarding, a 1,079 page argument that serious fiction = what it's like to be a fucking human being.

We'll meet every two weeks to discuss a manageable chunk of text. I'm thinking about 100 pages per. Bring your experience, your fresh eyes, your love for writing that's got serious moral torque.

Even if you can't make every meeting, do drop-in when you can. The discussion will begin with the week's reading but get non-linear in a hurry, probably.

First meeting: Tuesday May 22, 2012

Place: The Victory Cafe, 581 Markham Street. Map.

Time: 18.00h.

Questions, email list, errata, drop me a line at:

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