Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Meaning of 'q.v.'

q.v. int. [ < the initial letters of post-classical Latin quod vide which see (4th or 5th cent. in Augustine) < classical Latin quod what (see what pron., adj.1, adv., int., conj., and n.) + vide , 2nd singular present imperative of vid─ôre to see (see vision n.)] ‘which see’.

1684 G. S. Anglorum Speculum ii. 62 Sir Jo. Cokeyn Knight..imparted his Surname to Cokeyn-Hatley in this County, tho he was born in Derbyshire. q. v.

1775 J. Moir Scholar's Vade Mecum, Antesto, to stand before, excel, surpass. Potius Antisto. q. v.

a1862 H. D. Thoreau Cape Cod (1865) ix. 988 Somebody of Gloucester was to read a paper on this matter before a genealogical society..according to the Boston Journal, q.v.

1934 J. A. Thomson & E. J. Holmyard Biol. for Everyman I. xix. 508 The Slow-Worm (Anguis fragilis) is a limbless lizard... It is sometimes miscalled blindworm (q.v.), but the eyes are well developed.

1993 Eng. Today Jan. 35/2 (Gloss.), Inboek, to register a child, adult or manumitted slave as an indentured servant apprenticed (q.v.) in the name of a particular master.

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